The range of products available for the interior is vast; from bespoke one off pieces from the far flung corners of the globe to off the peg high street items. At STUDiO RYDER we strive to adopt the Japanese notion of mottainai. There are a number of translations of this term. In Japan the expression loosely means 'wasteful' but in its full sense conveys a feeling of appreciation for the gifts of nature or the sincerity of others. 

Japanese environmentalists have adpoted this termanology to convey a sense of regret at the wastefulness of modern society. Amongst the Japanese there is a trait to use something for its entire effective life or continue to use it by repairing it. There is a deep rooted cultural endeavor to find new homes for possessions no longer needed.

In today’s busy, high producing, high polluting world, at STUDiO RYDER we seek to support this ancient form of repurposing, & in turn protect the environment, by selecting where possible, products that feed into this essentialism. 

Within our design schemes we draw upon repurposed items from antiques, vintage and upcycled items to reduce the carbon footprint and feed into the Japanese way of encouraging previously produced products to have a new lease of life. We are able to create for our clients a sense of wellness through this ancient concept that allows the indidiviual to express gratitude and respect through reducing wastage and reusing beautiful objects.